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Welcome to the website of the Diplomatic Society (DSSG) !

The DSSG is an international professional and fraternal society of diplomats and consuls dedicated to advancing global peace, development and humanitarianism. The Society, a non-profit organization was founded in 1996 in the UN in New York and has 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization status.

The Archangel Gabriel is the Patron Saint of Diplomats, and the inspiration for the Society. He is recognized as “God’s Messenger’ by the Christian, Islamic and Jewish faiths, and as a universal
symbol for Interfaith Dialogue. Our motto is “Pro Deo Et Mundo” - For God and the World.

In furtherance of its mission the Society organizes conferences and training around the world and in cyberspace, and holds professional and social events at the diplomatic and consular corps level. While primarily a society of Catholic diplomats, the DSSG closely engages with brothers and sisters of all faiths. Members of other faiths are welcome in the DSSG provided they respect our ideals and traditions. Non-Catholic honorary members are members of the Diplomatic Society of the Archangel Gabriel.

Established in 1996 by Catholic diplomats at the United Nations in New York, the DSSG has become a truly global network. The Confrères Consœurs of the Society currently represent or are resident in Albania, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria,Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Dominican Republic, El Salvador
, Georgia,Guatemala, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Liberia, Malta , Marshall Islands, Mexico, Micronesia, Monaco, Mozambique, Peru, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Seychelles, Slovakia, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland,Thailand Turkey, Ukraine, United States, Venezuela and many other nations.

DSSG Confreres also serve with a number of international government and civil society organizations, including the United Nations Secretariat, the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations, and numerous Diplomatic & Consular Associations. Members and officers of the Royal families of Austria- Hungary, Portugal, and Georgia.

The DSSG is honored to be listed with the: United Nations
Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (as Associate Member), United Nations Global Compact, United Nations Department of Economic & Social Affairs, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, United Nations Educational, Social and Cultural Organization, United Nations Office of Drugs & Crime, United Nations Environment Program, participates with UNGLS, UNCERF, UNISDR, UNOHA, European Community, World Trade Organization, the World Council of Churches and many other diplomatic and faith-based organizations worldwide. The Society registered as a non-profit organization in the USA.

The Diplomatic Society of St Gabriel is privileged to have joined with the global family of 800-year old Franciscan Order through collaboration with the Militia Immaculata (MI) USA. The MI has over 3 million members in 48 countries. Fr. Patrick Greenough OFM, Minister Provincial and North American President of the MI serves as our “Spiritual Protector”. The DSSG supports the Medical Missionaries of the M.I., which provides health care in numerous underprivileged localities worldwide. The Order of St Francis has 11,000 Brothers and Sisters in 101 nations worldwide. The DSSG Cross has 12 points, in reference to the Prayer of St Francis.

Charity and faith are essential characteristics of the Society. Membership implies a duty to meditate with particular care on the love of one’s neighbor, the sick, the poor, emigrants, refugees, and all those denied their basic human rights. Members should profess, with all possible charity and humility the sentiments of noble and chivalrous generosity. They should serve as an example to their friends, families and community.

DIPLOMATIC SOCIETY BLOG ; http://diplomaticsociety.wordpress.com

Mr. Philip F. Johnson
Consul/Trade and Development Officer
Embassy of Liberia near Dakar, Senegal
Email : johnsonpf1@yahoo.com

International Personality

Humanitarian Diplomacy

The DSSG supports the advancement of Humanitarian Diplomacy. To this end we are
involved in active relations with major international humanitarian organizations and both governmental and non-governmental groups.
Among the main concerns of the Society is ensuring the usefulness and timeliness of humanitarian aid delivery. At both the global and local levels, DSSG members work with aid donors and recipients towards these ends. In particular, the Society supports the works of the UN White Helmets framework.

International Personality

The Diplomatic Society is a international organization. International practice shows that persons and bodies other than states are often the subjects of international rights and duties, such developments are not inconsistent with the structure of international law. Civil Society Organizations such as the Society therefore enjoy international legal personality. Many of our members, as diplomats and consuls, are individuals with privileges and immunities protected by the Vienna Convention. The Society is pursuing formal registration with international and national authorities. As per the Vienna Convention on the Representation of States in their Relations with International Organizations of a Universal Character 1975

The Diplomatic Society of St Gabriel is recognized by the Militia of the Immaculata / USA ( http://consecration.com) part of the 800 year old Franciscan Order. The M.I. has over 3 million members in 48 countries.Fr. Patrick Greenough, OFM Conv Minister Provincial and North American President of the Milita of the Immaculata serves as our “Spiritual Protector”.

The Order of St Francis has 11,000 Brother in 101 nations worldwide

Diplomatic Society Blog; http://diplomaticsociety.wordpress.com/

Global Envoys

UN , New York; Volodymyr Pekarchuk ; dssgun@gmail.com http://www.dssgun.org/

UN Geneva & UN Vienna; J.R. Domingo; domingojs23@yahoo.com http://www.diplomaticsocietygeneva.yolasite.com

UN Bangkok Dr.Gigante MacBain drmac@catholic.org http://diplomaticsocietyunbangkok.yolasite.com/

UN Philippines;
Ramon Moreno, Secretary General Chancellory; 15.anahaw road , North Forbes park , Makati City, Manila morenomanila@gmail.com http://maniladiplomaticsociety.wordpress.com/about/

Washington , D.C.; Jose Edgar Ledonio
website; http://diplomaticsocietywashingtondc.yolasite.com/

Latin American Special Envoy
Dr. LaMartine Hollanda
av RuiBarbosa,1654 gracas
Recife, Brazil
email; lamrth@uol.com.br
Website; http://lasociedaddiplomatica.yolasite.com/


Mr. Philip F. Johnson
Consul/Trade and Development Officer
Embassy of Liberia near Dakar, Senegal
Email : johnsonpf1@yahoo.com

Envoys are also assigned on a rotational basis to the UN The Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations; http://www.ngocongo.org/index.php, UN Global Compact, UN CREF, UNEP , United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Geneva Declaration and other programs

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